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Property Manager

Spokane, WA
Full Time

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Leasing vacant units (75% of total time)

Take accountability for a property’s occupancy rate

  • Advertise vacant units on multiple channels to identify prospective tenants
  • Respond to incoming prospective tenant inquiries from the listings
  • Conduct showings in person and virtually
  • Follow-up to assure applications are completed and questions addressed
  • Create and distribute leases for signature

Existing tenant satisfaction and compliance (20% of total time)

Take accountability for a property’s tenant satisfaction score 

  • Conduct move-in/move-out inspections
  • Handle tenant communications
  • Conduct unit inspections
  • Coordinate maintenance requests
  • Communicate and enforce lease terms
  • Coordinate unit access
  • Assist Special Projects team with rent collection as needed

Other/admin (5% of total time)

These are the small tasks that are necessary for the operations of the business that come up, including correcting time entries or attending weekly meetings. It is expected that these tasks are completed consistently without the need for follow-up.


Be responsive and be on time

  • Contractors have the ability to set their own schedule. For this to work it is critical that we meet the expectations set for providing appropriate notice of absences and sticking to a consistent schedule.

Be communicative

  • It is important that employees stay in communication with the team about the status of their assigned task, their capabilities, concerns they might have, what they need to be effective, areas in which they need clarification, etc.

Be a team player

  • Other team members are depending on your work. Assure others have what they need to do their job effectively.
  • It is important for admin tasks to be completed consistently without the need for follow-up.

Contribute to and cultivate a positive workplace culture

  • Everyone deserves to work in an environment where they are comfortable. It is expected that everyone on our team works together to create a positive environment.

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